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Weddington Way Bridesmaid Dress Challenge

We love a challenge.  So when we decided to enter the Weddington Way Bridesmaid Dress Challenge, we chose a color that not all brides might choose for their bridesmaids:  white.

The thing is, an all white bridal party would be gorgeous.  Sleek, chic, and white is a color that pretty much flatters everyone.  We chose this Alfred Sung number below, in ‘snow white.’  And, at $139, it’s affordable!  The other reasons we love it?  A structured bodice, a sweetheart neckline, and POCKETS!  What else might a girl want?

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 6.09.15 PM


How to accessorize this dress?  We’ve got your answers:

If you are looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress, you MUST head to Weddington Way.  They make it so easy!  Here’s the link:

We’re trying Fabletics

Have you guys heard of Fabletics?  It’s Kate Hudson’s new athletic line, and an entire outfit (top and bottom) will not run you more than $60!  Unheard of in the world of Lululemon, Sweaty Betty, and Nike apparel.


I came across another article about it, ‘Why Women are Flipping for Kate Hudson’s new athletic line’ over the weekend and decided to take the plunge.

How Fabletics Works

1. Take a Short, Fun Lifestyle Quiz – This helps Fabletics’ stylists know which activities you love, the types of clothing you prefer, and what body parts you like showing off.

2. Receive Personalized Outfit Recommendations – Each month, you’ll receive hand-selected outfit recommendations. They’re the latest, most exciting styles, and really affordable.

3. Shop

Buy the recommended outfits or skip the month altogether. You are NEVER forced into buying anything, and they make returns easy and convenient.

Become a VIP with your first purchase for amazing discounts — like an instant 50 percent off. So, your first 2-piece outfit, top + bottom, is only $25!  Free shipping & easy exchanges included.

I decided to become a ‘VIP’ and here’s what I ordered (for $25!):


Eureka Top


Sydney Capri

Sydney Capri


This super cute outfit for only $25.  I mean........

This super cute outfit for only $25. I mean……..

As soon as this all arrives, I’ll be posting about the quality, fit, and whole shebang, so stay tuned if this peaks your interest!

In the meantime, check out some of Kate’s picks for this month:

Foto Friday

Whew – this week really flew by, right?  We’ve been busy busy busy with fall fashion in full swing for our clients and Peach trainings in Houston and Chicago!  Oh yeah – and being Mommies.  Minor thing.  ;-)  Hope you’re enjoying the Fall weather in your part of the country, we sure are.  Happy Friday!

IMG_0332 IMG_3105 IMG_0368 IMG_0382 IMG_0471 IMG_0401 IMG_0470 IMG_0468 IMG_0469 IMG_0458

What is Like To Know It?

We thought we would explain just that – what IS Like to Know It??

By now you have seen numerous pictures on Instagram telling you to ‘sign up and get details sent to your inbox’? But what does that mean?

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 7.40.30 AM

This is the perfect way to shop your favorite Instagram looks!

How does it work?

Here is another example…

First, Sign up HERE for LikeToKnow.It

When you see all of our cute pics with outfits and ideas, just hit “like” … and Voila! You will get an email with details of the items that we purchased.

Shopping just got a whole lot easier!

Here is a ‘preview’ of what your emails look like …

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 7.59.12 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 7.58.16 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 7.58.00 AM

Then, click on the items that you like and it takes you directly to that site to see the price and possibly purchase! Brilliant.

And if you aren’t signed up for Instagram? You are missing out.

Sign up and get the looks, it’s as easy as that.

Happy Wednesday!

Getting Settled + Stella & Dot Giveaway!

Some of you may know, but I (Mollie) just moved from the Chicago area to the greater NYC area – somewhere in Connecticut. It has been quite a long summer for us…..the first half of it was busy with kids in camp and househunting trips out East, and the second half of it we lived with my in-laws for 6 weeks before coming out here.  Needless to say, I am SO GLAD to be getting settled in our new house in our new community.


None of the rooms in the house are totally ‘done’ yet, but I’ve gotten pretty far with the kids’ rooms (which is fun and easy, since it’s ok to be whimsical and not have everything ‘just right’).

Here are a few pics of my daughter’s room so far:


These are some vintage Barbie prints that I purchased years ago, waaaay before kids, for ME. Now, they’re perfect for her room.


Complete with a costume jewelry wall frame, because when you’re 4, you can never have enough tacky jewelry.


I’ve also had these wire mini mannequin forms forever. So nice when things stay with you and work in new places!

I found this little 'Good Morning Little Girl' sign at the Chicago Randolph Street Antiques Market a couple of years ago.  Finally had it matted and framed, and I adore it.

I found this little ‘Good Morning Little Girl’ sign at the Chicago Randolph Street Antiques Market a couple of years ago. Finally had it matted and framed, and I adore it.



Full Court Press Rug from PB Teen

Onto my son’s room – which is not nearly as finished.  However, the transformation from a toddler/Kindergartener room to a ‘big boy room’ is almost complete.  From the NFL quilt to this new amazing basketball rug, he’s a happy camper.


NFL Sheets from PB Teen


NFL Quilt from PB Teen


As I said….not done yet, but getting there. And will the Lego mess every really get cleaned up? Let’s be honest. No.


For some extra organization, I also just ordered these easy canvas ‘over the door’ hangers from Pottery Barn Kids.   As you know if you’re a Mom, there is always something that needs a home in your kids’ rooms.  ;-)


I’ll share more rooms as I finish them, or at least as they clean up a little.  ;-)

I also wanted to remind you of this:





$100 Giveaway!  

That’s right!  $100!  Here are the contest rules:

1.  Follow Erin & Mollie on Instagram:  @erinstylespies and @molliestylespies

2.  Tag 3 stylish friends so they can enter the contest too.

3.  Comment on our original giveaway posts (here or on Instagram) which piece you like most for Fall and use the hashtag #stylespieslovesstelladot.  Here’s the link:

That’s it!  Contest ends Friday, September 19th at Midnight.

Which is my favorite piece for Fall?

It’s a toss up!  I love the Helena Necklace that I sported at Fashion week, but I am very partial to my Rebel Pendant, which now comes in Rose Gold.  Too tough to choose just one!  Click HERE to shop our very own Stella & Dot Virtual Show, hosted by the fabulous Gina!


Helena Necklace


Rebel Pendant in rose gold

Style Spies Diaries of NYFW – PART 1

New York Fashion Week.

Inspiring, Incredible, Exhilarating.

We want to share with you our highlights so you can be a part of our SS NYFW 2014 trip!

Style Spies was created and continues to grow because of our love and passion for fashion – being surrounded by those that share similar views was invigorating and inspiring more than we can tell you.

We shopped (surprise!) and hit all of our favorites, Piperlime, Wink, Tibi, Barneys, Kate Spade Saturday and more …

Top, Jeans, Shoes, Sunnies, Bag (old, Similar)

After shopping our hearts out (can’t wait to wear our new goodies!!), it was time to start prepping for the shows.



And after. (Who doesn’t want a live-in makeup artist??)


Erin: Lips, Necklace

Jackie: Lips, Necklace, Necklace, Necklace

Hair, Makeup, Clothes. Check.

All dressed up and ready for the shows.  The shows are filled with every walk of life in every fashion trend imaginable.

You see it in a magazine, it goes. No rules, just creativity.


Jacket, Tank, Skirt, Belt, Shoes, Necklace, Lips, BagBracelet


Jackie: Dress, Shoes, Bag (old, similar)

Monique Lhuillier was a show stopper, hands down.  The shades of pastels that walked down the runway were flawless.

The confetti that filled the air at the end was the grandest of finales.

photo_4.PNG photo-119

Seeing one of our favorite stylists,

Brad Goreski and running into an old client and friend, Jennifer Morrison brought lots of smiles.

photo-122 photo_3-12

An avid E! fan, we got to talk to Orly Shani!


Enough shoes for a weekend trip? We wore almost every pair!

Come back tomorrow … Mollie and Erin are reunited for Part Two!

We mingle with some of our favorite bloggers,

We have a surprise from Stella & Dot and MORE!!!

Shopbop Sale

We have had a  busy week … getting back to school and moving. Just to name a few!

That doesn’t mean we have stopped shopping … just in time for NYFW, Shopbop is having a big sale. Here is what has made it into our shopping bags!

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 8.22.45 PM


There is a LOT more where this comes from … and most for under $100.

First Day of School!

Today I sent my 6 year old off to her first day of school! First Grade, here we come!

I LOVE summer and absolutely cherish having my girls home with me so this is always a hard day for me.  BUT, we are ready and she is excited … so let the school year begin.

For her first day of school, this is what she picked -

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 8.19.46 PM

Outfit, Shoes, Backpack, Lunch Box, Free Printables

Goodbye vacation!
Hello to school!
Hello new classmates,
Goodbye old pool.
Vacation time’s over,
School time is here,
Once more we welcome
Another school year.

HAPPY 1st Day of School to those that are starting today  … we hope everyone is excited about another year!


Foto Friday

Is it Friday again?

This week has flown by … school is getting ready to start and the summer is coming to an end!

Our kiddos had a GREAT week …

photo 2-10 photo 1-10 photo 4-5 photo 3-6 photo 2-9 photo 1-9 photo 1-11 photo 2-11 photo 3-7

Mollie and her troops are MOVING tomorrow to Connecticut! She will be truly missed in Chicago! Safe travels Mollie (we want road trip selife’s!) … so excited for this next chapter of your life with you!

Bloggers We Love – The Double Take Girls

We love to spread the love of some of our favorite bloggers. Especially ones with two minds behind the scenes!

Here is one of our favorite duo’s  – just in case you don’t know them already,

The Double Take Girls.

They are sweet, sassy, best friends and twinsies. Best friends that happen to be twins that share a love for fashion. Makes our hearts melt!

Lindsay and Whitney are ADORABLE – We wish they lived closer (they are in Oklahoma City!) because we just know we would be friends! But in the meantime, we love reading their posts and watching them from afar on Instagram here.

We thought we would ask them a few ‘insider’ questions so we could all get to know them a little bit better…

Do you have different styles in clothing?

WhitneyWe have a very similar taste when it comes to picking out wardrobe items. I’ve always gravitated to items that are a bit more classic, whereas Lindsay was always one to add in a pop of color – even if she already had one already! Over the years, I would say that we have helped each other stay focused on timeless pieces that flatter vs. trendy items that will just

float out of our closets the next season.

One word to describe each other’s style…

Lindsay: I would say Whitney is “High-Low”.  She’s really great with mixing brands.

Whitney: Linds is great with being chic yet casual, which works well as a new mom.  I would say  “simply chic” – or “pink” if I really just have to pick one word.  She has been a pink lover since we first learned our colors.

Favorite article of clothing?

Whitney: That’s a hard one! Probably my Kate Spade windowpane skirt. Accessory wise, I really enjoy my Louis Vuitton speedy and neverfull bags. It took me a long time to save up for them so I really appreciate having them in my closet!

Lindsay: How’s a girl to pick? But I do love my perfectly tailored LBD and hot pink Michael Kors bag.

Do you have a favorite ‘twin moment’ that you can share with us:

Well there was one time we showed up at a wedding wearing the exact same outfit!! It was really embarrassing.  There wasn’t time for one of us to go back home and change. So all night we had to explain to people that it was a case of “great minds think a like”!

First memory of fashion…

Whitney: We learned how to sew at a very early age.  I think my love for fashion and styling stemmed from how much I loved picking out fabric and dress patterns. Watching old Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland films helped solidify it as well. 

Lindsay: I agree with Whitney about our love for sewing and watching movies with classic fashion icons. We also spent 20 years in classical ballet, which also made us love and appreciate beautiful tailoring, fabric and design. 

Biggest influence (person) on your style? 

Whitney: I would say my sister has been.  We’ve helped each other since we were little.  I don’t know what I would do without her! Erin and Molly – I’m sure you all can relate!

Lindsay: I totally agree – we are each other’s stylists! 

Something fun we don’t know about each of you …

Whitney:  I adore painting, crafts and really anything that allows from some creativity.  However, with my busy work schedule and caring for my two girls (ages 2 and 5) I don’t seem to do much of these things anymore.  However, my mom just gave me the sewing machine I used years ago.  So I’m eager to get started on some projects, as well as teach my oldest daughter to sew! 

Lindsay:  I love to organize! I’ve been labeling and color coding my closet since I was young. Cleaning my closet and steaming clothes is very relaxing to me. Not sure if it was all those years working retail or not? Growing up we shared a room – and I was always in charge of the closet. :) 


How could you not LOVE them?  Make sure to follow them here and here to watch them out shopping, find the latest deals, contests or just to make you smile when you see their pretty faces!

tumblr_inline_n8wxdchS5r1r7y9b3 Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 8.50.52 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 8.50.34 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 8.50.15 PM

Thanks for brightening our days and keep up the amazing work, ladies! xoxo

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